Thursday, March 26, 2009

Better cancel school

Speaking for all kids from kindergarten through seniors in the Amarillo ISD -- as well as all teachers -- avoid the rush. Cancel Friday's classes now. There's no avoiding the Big Blizzard of Ought-Nine that should be here by morning.

And I suspect the school district will follow what Borger and Texline have already done and cancel school in the next few hours. To wait until early Friday in light of the information from the National Weather Service would be chaos. One weather official called the upcoming storm "life-threatening."

AISD assistant superintendent Les Hoyt was in a conference call early Thursday afternoon with the National Weather Service, the Emergency Management Office, and other area school district officials before making a decision.

AISD officials alerted principals of the possibility of cancellation this afternoon. I can't imagine a scenario that Amarillo or just about any area school will be open Friday. So go ahead and do it.

Meanwhile, some AISD athletic teams who were playing south on Saturday, including some soccer playoff games and Tascosa traveling to Midland Lee, were making plans to leave tonight to get while the getting's good.

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