Monday, April 6, 2009

World Series fever

As of the beginning of this blog, the Rangers are crushing the Cleveland Indians and reigning American League Cy Young pitcher Cliff Lee, 7-1, in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Now I'm not saying the Rangers are going to win all 162 games this year. In fact, it's quite possible they'll lose 10 or so. Or 80. But this club, after more seasons than I can count, is finally on the right track as far as building through the farm system. The kids are coming, and some are already here. They are still a year away, but then again, maybe not.

They got good karma today from W. throwing out the first pitch. The former president is the former owner of the Rangers. He's due for some good R&R after not the greatest eight years he's ever spent. In fact, it kind or mirrored the eight years of floudering in the wilderness of the Rangers. So maybe both can make a comeback.

Why I'm such a die-hard Rangers fan is probably another subject for another day. Other than the Washington Nationals, probably no club in baseball has less of a history when it comes to the postseason. But one day, one day, we shall overcome.

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