Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idle -- er, Idol

Another "American Idol" season has come and gone. Once again, I managed to overcome the temptation to watch. That keeps my record intact for the last seven years, or how many seasons "American Idol" has taken the country by storm.

I'm not a reality TV person, which puts me in the minority of the TV-viewing public. I understand that. That Kris Allen shocked the free world and civilization as we know it by defeating Adam Lambert didn't really get a rise out of me.

"AI", as it's affectionately known (not by me, but some people), dominates the Nielsen ratings. Last week, it was No. 1 and No. 2 for its Tuesday and Wednesday showings. It pulled in 22.7 and 24.7 million viewers. I'm sure the viewers for last night's finale will be huge.

I can see why people would watch. I just can't see why I would watch. But that's why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors of ice cream. To each his own.

Of the top 20 programs last week, eight were reality-show driven. It was either "Dancing With the Stars" (which I've watched snippets from time to time), to "Survivor: Toncantins" (which I wouldn't watch at gunpoint) to "The Biggest Loser", which I would feel like if I watched that every week.

I agree with what my colleague Danh Hoang said the other day. My reality show comes on during the fall on Sunday afternoons. Amen, brother.

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Anonymous said...

I never watch reality TV, especially not American Idol. It shows you the last ditch effort of the recording industries to tell the public what to buy before the digital age makes them obsolete. They can use the show to find out what image and style are getting the votes, then they use the info to mass-produce one-hit wonders, plug them on the radio, and make a quick buck before they fizzle out (both the artist and the company). Real artists pour their heart and soul into their work, not get up in front of a camera and beg for votes.