Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It was nice for a while

Ugh! While driving in town a little bit ago, I saw two service stations with gas at $2.39 a gallon. It's been a steady, if not rapid, increase since the start of May when gas jumped over the $2 gallon mark. Prices have jumped about 40 percent since the first of the year.

A few weeks ago, I heard one analyst say he didn't believe gas would get over $2.50 all summer. All I know is people who predict what the price of gas will be in the future are about as accurate as those who pick the Final Four every March.

Those days of $1.60 a gallon in the fall sure were nice. At least the economy going in the tank was worth a little something.

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Becky W. said...

Of course the price of gas went up - it's Memorial Day weekend.
If you could find an historical gas price tracker, I'm pretty sure it would show that gas prices always spike on long weekends. Especially Memorial Day and Labor Day.
The smart ones filled up on Monday before the pre-weekend price-hike. Too bad I wasn't one of them.