Monday, May 11, 2009

Dull city races

Saturday showed that Amarillo is either happy with their elected leaders or the city is not too engaged in politics.

Mayor Debra McCartt and all four commissioners won reelection easily. The "closest" race was Madison Scott winning the Place 1 seat with 65.6 percent of the vote.

McCartt won with 79.8 percent, while commissioners Brian Eades (80.9), Ron Boyd (73.2) and Jim Simms (66.7) ease into another two-year term.

Turnout, as expected, was abysmal. Campaigning was low key. There's more excitement in student council elections.

The message this sends is a mixed bag. But I'm not sure rubber stamping all the incumbents in every two years is a good thing. The city needs more involvement.


Hercules said...

I agree that turnout was pretty rotten.

But to be fair - the day of the election there was no story from the Amarillo Globe News in the paper. Just a brief mention in the form of an editorial.

If AGN is the area's main paper, maybe reporting the news should be a top priority.

rob said...

They need to change the name from City Commission to the Ware Commission. He has total control over each and every commissioner and Mayor