Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Per -- er, Ramirez and steroids

One of the happiest people in the country right now is probably Alex Rodriguez, and not because he'll be in the Yankees starting lineup Friday night after missing the first month of the season with a hip injury.

A-Rod has been the poster boy for baseball and steroids, taking the mantle from Roger Clemens, who took it from Barry Bonds, who took it from Rafeal Palmiero, who took it from, well, you get the idea.

First, his name was leaked as one of 104 who tested positive for steroids when he played for the Rangers from 2001-03. Then he's the subject of a new book that alleges Rodriguez may have used steroids as far back as high school, not to mention that he tipped pitches to opponents while with the Rangers and was a lousy tipper as well.

He was a national whipping boy until good ol' Manny Ramirez comes along. Man-Ram, slugging outfielder for the Dodgers, was suspended for 50 games Thursday for flunking a test for performance enhancing drugs. That should get the spotlight off A-Rod for at least a little bit.

It was kinda funny how several of us got the news today. Jim McBride, our business editor, got the news this morning from a colleague who called in after he heard it on the radio. Keep in mind, Jim has covered a little bit of everything, including Potter County.

"Hey," Jim shouted. "Manny Perez just got suspended for using steroids."

In those milliseconds that my brain processed what I just heard, I wondered why a Potter County commissioner would use steroids, and why he would be suspended for it.

Then it became obvious that it wasn't exactly Perez, but Ramirez.

"What did I say, Perez?" said Jim, also a big baseball fan. "I meant Ramirez."

As, no doubt, Potter County Judge Arthur Ware breathes a huge sigh of relief.

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