Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free when they shouldn't be

It must take a lot to get locked up these days. For the second time in less than six weeks, an Amarillo murder is leading police on the search of a man with a troubled past.

David Anaya, 30, an ex-convict, is being sought in the Sunday drive-by shooting death of Eric Mireles, 18. Anaya is the man who allegedly shot Mireles.

Anaya is out of prison on mandatory supervision. Some supervision. He was sentenced in February 2004 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. When he was arrested, Anaya was found with a large amount of meth and two loaded weapons. According to court records, his intention was to have a shootout with police.

He was also sentenced to 10 years for possession of a controlled substance in Potter County in 2003. That same year, Anaya was indicted by a Potter County grand jury for indecency with a child under 17 by sexual contact.

And he was out? Yep, sure was. He was released from prison in early 2008. He served about half of his prison sentence. In prison, Anaya wsa alleged to have been active in gangs.

This comes on the heels of an April arrest of Wilbert Ramon Banks, who was charged with capital murder in the shooting deaths of Stephanie Beard and David Brittain.

Banks, 26, has plead guilty in October 2002 to drug possession in Randall County and was on probation. He was arrested in May 2003 for assault of another woman, who was the mother of his 6-year-old son.

He plead guilty to that assault and was sentenced to three years in state priosn in July 2003. He served 18 months.

Charges were filed on Banks just two weeks before the shootings on April 7 for an assault on Natasha Coil, his former girlfriend. Charges were pending at the time of the shooting.

Again, why were these two guys on the street?

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