Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank you notes, Part II

The only plausible explanation I have is great minds think alike.

Sitting down in church Sunday morning, I perused the bulletin (that's Baptist talk for "program") and saw that First Baptist Church pastor Dr. Howard Batson had a "reflections" devotional titled "Thank you notes." This is kind of an introduction early in the service to the sermon.

In an odd quirk, I wrote sort of tongue-in-cheek on thank you notes on Sunday. We do not call each other during the week to compare notes mainly because he would use words I don't understand.

I was hoping that Howie either didn't have time to read any of Sunday's paper or that no one showed him the column. As he pulled out a torn piece of the newspaper, alas, no such luck. Howie read the parts that made sense -- both paragraphs.

He claimed later that I owed him for promoting my column in the service, which is carried on radio and tape-delayed 1 1/2 hours on television. Maybe we can work something out. Maybe I could promote his sermon in Friday's column.

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KF said...

That sounds like a perfect set-up to me! The column was definitely a five-star.

Any parent who has experienced the dreaded assignment of withholding their child's source of nourishment and shelter until the notes are written can identify with every word.

Good stuff.