Thursday, June 25, 2009

Justified or excessive?

You be the judge and jury. Too much or just defending himself and his family?

After Wednesday night's Los Angeles Angels-Colorado Rockies baseball game in Anaheim, an off-duty police offficer, walking with his wife and two young children, was in the parking lot about 25 minutes after the game when he was hit in the head with beer bottles.

According to the Associated Press, the officer called a dispatcher at his department and asked for help, saying two men had choked him and asked him to get away from his car, Sgt. Rick Martinez said.

The off-duty officer then shot the men with his duty weapon, Martinez said. Police did not immediately identify the officer or the shooting victims.

One man was shot in the chin and was in critical condition, the other was shot in the upper arm and in serious but stable condition.

The officer also was taken to a hospital with a head wound, but was released early Thursday. No one else in the parking lot was hurt, Martinez said.

The Orange County District Attorney's office joined the Anaheim Police department in investigating the incident, which is required in officer-involved shootings.

When I first heard the incident, I thought the man was responding to only having beer bottles thrown at him. The firing of the shots seemed excessive.

Now, if the details of the incident are accurate, he was being assaulted and asked to leave his car. It would seem to indicate a carjacking. Plus, his wife and two young children are with them.

In that case, those thugs picked on the wrong Marine.


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