Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ninth child reaction

It's not often a six-paragraph story will spark 32 online responses -- and counting. But it's easy to see why this one did.

Diane Louise Fuentes-Aguilar, in jail while awaiting trial on a charge of contributing to the death of her 3-year-old son, gave birth to her ninth child on Tuesday.

Fuentes-Aguilar, 26, is the custody of the Potter County Sheriff's office on a charge of injury to a child for the February death of Miracuelos Fuentes, 3. Miracuelos died of "acute abuse," according to a preliminary autopsy. He was found in his Amarillo home with bruises on his body and signs of malnourishment.

The death sparked heated debate in Amarillo over the responsibility of parents and the authority of Child Protective Services. Extended family blamed CPS for being slow to act, which ran counter to the majority of public opinion.

The most sad, but truthful comment was the second one: "This child probably has the best chance in life of any of her children merely by the fact that it won't spend a second of its life with her!"

And the baby won't.

Greg Cunningham, CPS spokesman, said a court granted a removal order for the new baby and he's now in CPS custody.

"We will find a placement for the child," Cunningham said. "We would prefer a family placement, but if we can't find a family member that is appropriate we would look at a foster type situation."

The new baby's father, Alan Alexander Adame, has also been charged with injury to a child in Miracuelos' death. He's out of jail on bond.

Fuentes-Aguilar's children are all in CPS custody.

What a sad situation.

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Jami said...

Not only is it sad, it's sickening. I would take that baby in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that process, in and of itself, would take until the child is 5 to make it happen.