Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The long-gone Amarillo Sonics

Stan Steinkruger, owner of Saladmaster on the Canyon E-Way, was a ballboy for the Amarillo Sonics back in the 1960s. The Sonics were the AA Texas League affiliate of the Houston Astros for three years.

Stan had a 1967 Sonics program and let's just say the times have changed. There's nothing baseball-related on the cover, but there are two big ads for businesss who are long gone -- Bob Dowell's Cafe and Sutton's Fine Foods. Gunn Bros. Stamps, which had a full-page ad on the back cover, is gone as well.

Some other ads of businesses no longer around are Pioneer Natural Gas Company, Montgomery Ward, Wise Furniture, Panhandle Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Universal Travel Service, Wagner's Jewelers, Powell-Messer Volkswagen, Uncle Zeek's Village Pancake House, Wingate Farm Supply, Crossroads Restaurant, The Herring Hotel, Vance Hall Sporting Goods, Gallarneau Brothers ("Our Business is Soup to Nuts"), and Texas Cigarette Service, among others.

A couple of businesses still going are Gray's Studio and Buck's Sporting Goods.

While the Dillas offer affordable ticket prices, they aren't quite what is was to see AA baseballl 42 summers ago: general admission, $1.25, reserved seats, $1.60, box seats, $1.75, and general admission, children 6 through 12, 35 cents.

Two players on the Sonics went on to the Big Leagues -- third baseman Doug Rader, who also had a short ill-fated stint as manager of the Rangers in the mid-1980s, and pitcher Don Wilson, who died tragically from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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shueytexas said...

The real question on everyone's mind...the controversy of the age...is this:


I pass by that place and it offers no clues as to what it is. Is it a salad buffet? A place to take your misbehaving lettuce? An S&M joint for vegans?

I think it's some sort of front for shady financial operations. Kind of a Swiss bank in the Panhandle, named "Saladmaster" to keep meat-eating locals away.