Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A horrific and sad scene

Any more, just about all of us are jaded to violence. We see the make-believe kind of TV and in the movies and there's so much of the real stuff that's reported that unless it's unusual we almost get numb to it.

But the gruesome killing of an one-month infant by a San Antonio mom is unbelievable. It should stop everyone in their tracks. It certainly did the San Antonio police department.

Early Sunday, police discovered Scott Wesley Buccholtz Sanchez, 3 1/2 weeks old, dismembered in the bedroom. Three of his toes were chewed off, his face torn away, his head severed and some of his brains were ripped out. And the mother, Otty Sanchez, 33, had apparently eaten some of the body parts while screaming, "I killed my baby! I killed my baby!"

The San Antonio Express-News ran a photo of mother and child together in the days before the horror. It's heartbreaking to look at that little boy. This story makes anyone with children, especially toddlers, give them a long hug. Wire services report that hardened San Antonio cops were speechless and nearly in shock themselves at the scene.

We can all pray this little baby felt no pain and immediately went into the arms of Jesus.

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