Friday, July 10, 2009

No visitors, please

Let him rest. That's the policy of Baptist St. Anthony's officials with Moises Aceituno, the 8-year-old boy from Belize who is recuperating following intestinal surgery last month.

In the wake of my column today, which in these days of hospital privacy included too much informaiton, calls to the young boy and his mother as well as attempted visits from the well-meaning public have descended on the hospital.

That's not a good idea, BSA officials said. Though appreciative of the concern, the boy and his mom are not accepting visitors or calls. Cards and letters are another story.

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amagirl said...

I am sure Moises and his mom appreciate you column, but ever heard of privacy? You took a well-intended act of Christian love and basic humanity and threw it to the wolves! Yes, you obtained your name to be associated with all too numerous comments of your story. Did you ever stop to think what effects your story might have on the patient and his mom? Both arrived to Amarillo for medical care, not harrassment in any form from John Q. Public. I moved from the DFW area and I am confident this generousity of giving would not occur there. I am proud to say I now live in an area where true compassion and Christianity exist! Next time you publish an article, please consider the feelings of those you are writing about.