Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"They're remastering them, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Jamey Karr, general manager of KXGL-FM (The Eagle) and as much of a rock-and-roll historian as there is in Amarillo, informs that all of the Beatles albums have been remastered and will be available in stores on Sept. 9 (That's 09/09/09).

"They were remastered at Abbey Road and it will be the cleanest and clearest they've ever sounded," Karr said. "It will be the clearest way to hear all of those great two- and three-part harmonies. People will fall in love with them all over again."

In addition, he said The Beatles Rock Band video game is also being released the same day. This may be the equivalent of the Beatles Saturday morning cartoon of when I was a tow-headed youngster in the late 1960s.

"This will allow a new generation an entry to this incredible music," Karr said. "Beatlemania II may be upon us."

The Eagle sent 30 on a bus last Wednesday to see Paul McCartney in concert at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Karr, alas, did not go.

"I heard great things about it," said Karr. "What's interesting is Morgan Tanner (an Eagle DJ) said on the video board she was able to see a close up of him playing the bass guitar and you could see the worn spots on it. It was the same bass that he played on the Ed Sullivan Show (in 1964). Boy, you think of all the history, all the songs, all the places that bass has been."

On a Beatle fandom scale of 1 to 10, Karr said he's a 9.9. Where does the Fab Four fall into the history of rock and roll?

"Elvis was the ignition and Chuck Berry was the fuel," Karr said. "Then there was Buddy Holly. What's fabulous is year after year we're discussing them. This is a band there's been nothing like it. And to think they were only in America for six years.

"I really believe, in 100 years, when all The Beatles and all the baby boomers are gone, this music will be around, and draw the same sense of wonder it captures every generation."

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nik v. said...

cool post! can't wait to hear the remastered stuff, love the beatles.