Friday, September 25, 2009

Just a couple of wrinkles

Kimbrough Stadium turns 50 years old this weekend when West Texas A&M hosts A&M-Kingsville on Saturday. It was 50 years ago, Sept. 26, 1959, that this 20,000-seat modern stadium was used for the first time when WT hosted the University of Arizona.

It's a pretty cool stadium actually. I've always liked the playing field is sunken, and how it is literally carved in to the sides of two hills. One of my local bucket list items is to one day, after a big snow, take an innertube or sled and go down that long slope of the north end zone. Now that would be fun.

The stadium has held up well except for two areas. The press box and dressing room on the south end are badly showing its age. They are old and outdated. How nice it would be for Kimbrough to have modern brick facilities on both like at Dick Bivins Stadium.

Adding a few revenue-producing suites in a modern press box would give the stadium a nice updated look. The dressing facilities -- just about anything would be an improvement over those. It's like stepping back into time when stepping into those.

But Canyon ISD still owns the stadium. If a facelift were to occur at Kimbrough, it would seem to be a joint venture. But it doesn't seem to be an urgent matter. Maybe on the 75th anniversary.

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