Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not what I thought

How many times have you received an e-mail with a slugline of, "We would like to meet you"? What could it be, a man from Nigeria eager to split his new-found fortune with me? Some escorts worried I was lonely?

Or how about some fourth-grade students from Tradewind Elementary?

Here was the e-mail I received yesterday:

"Dear Mr. Beilue,

We are the 4th grade newspaper team at Tradewind Elementary. There are 7 new journalists on the newspaper staff, and this is our first time to make a newspaper. Is there any way that we could possibly meet with you and learn some of your tricks for professional journalism?

This is our teacher’s email, and she will help set up a time and place for you to visit our classroom. Our goal is to be like you someday SOON!

Thank you

Zoey, Celeste, K’Lynn, Carlos, Mathew, Aaron, and Taylor

Jennifer Hudson

4th Grade

Tradewind Elementary"

A couple of notes: I would be glad to meet with all of you. As far as showing you all of my tricks, how about just some of my tricks? After all, you're minors. And you're young with your whole life in front of you. How about elevating your goals and be someone other than like myself when you grow up?

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