Thursday, October 8, 2009

One vote spares him

If there were a crime that cried out for the ultimate punishment, it was Levi King's murder in 2005 of Pampa farmer, Brian Conrad, his pregant wife Michell, and son, Zach, 14. Robin Doan, 10 at the time, survived the attack.

It was heinous, horrific and brutal. King, a serial murderer, is already serving two consecutive life sentences for murder in Missouri. He is scum, and would seem to have forfeited the right to live.

All but one member of a Lubbock jury thought so Tuesday. But her refusal to vote with the rest of the jury spared King's life as he was given a life sentence without parole.

I should be more outraged than what I am. But I refuse to get that emotionally involved on a pathetic piece of garbage like King. He's not worth it. And his death won't bring back the Conrad family. In prison for the rest of his life, while it's not something I would have voted on, is not really lenient either.

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Jami said...

Jon Mark ... his life in prison will be hell. I've seen enough now to know this. There is a pecking order for inmates, and he's at the bottom of the barrel.

Death may have been too easy for him.