Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reality show contestants are weird

This shouldn't be shocking news, by any stretch, but a lot of reality show contestants don't have all their oars in the water. Just trying to get on a show and go through the process has a lot of narcissistic qualities, but it's just a really weird personality that makes it on these shows.

(As a disclaimer: I've watched maybe five minutes of any reality show unless "Dancing With the Stars" is considered one).

Richard Heene, whose family was part of the immortal "Wife Swap" show a while back, is poster child for the weird and egomanical. You know now that the balloon flying last week that may have had his 6-year-old son Falcon trapped inside was nothing but a staged hoax for publicity to land his own reality TV show.

Apparently the stunt, which for a while last Thursday, captivated much of the nation, was two weeks in the planning with his wife Mayumi, whom Heene met in acting school. The Larimer (Colo.) County sheriff said possible felony charges are pending for conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and attempting to influence a public servant.

Just last week, Richard Hatch, the original "Survivor" winner in 2000, was released from a Massachusetts jail after serving 51 months for federal tax evasion. The producers of that show should be in jail for creating "Survivor," which gave rise to this whole reality show dumbing down of America.

In August, Ryan Jenkins, who was on the VH1 reality show, "Megan Wants to be a Millionaire," was found dead in a hotel in British Columbia where he apparently hanged himself. Jenkins was the prime suspect in the murder of his wife.

Reality shows don't represent any of the reality that I know.

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