Friday, October 23, 2009

How much can one town take?

In less than two months, Booker High School is reeling again from a terrible accident. In Indianapolis for an FFA convention, Philip Caler, a Booker sophomore, fell 41 feet Thursday after he lost his balance while sitting on a railing in a mall.

Caler struck his head on the second floor before landing on the first floor. Emergency crews took him to Methodist Hospital there where he is listed in critical, but stable condition.

Less than two months ago, a car accident north of Pampa claimed five lives, three of them who were students at Booker. Booker's high school enrollment is a little more than 100 students.

Two accidents like this impacts a large high school, but imagine a small one where everyone knows everyone. It's much more difficult. It casts a pall over an entire community.

Prayers for Philip Caler and his family. Booker High School plays football at Canadian tonight. I would say this is an excellent time to violate the separation of church and state and have the stadium offer a prayer for the young man, or certainly a moment of silent prayer on his behalf.

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