Monday, October 26, 2009

Tradewinds is impressive

At the request of Jennifer Hudson, fourth-grade teacher at Tradewinds Elementary, I spoke to their newspaper class of seven this morning. They've already produced one impressive two-page newspaper and are working on their second edition.

I think when I was in the fourth grade, I was still working on spelling two-syllable words -- and don't blame my teachers.

They were impressive, but so was the school. Tradewinds is the newest school in the Amarillo ISD. In its third year, the school is located in southeast Amarillo. Go south on Osage to 43rd St., just across from Southeast Park. Turn right on 43rd and it's about five blocks away.

It's modern, it's warm, and every bit of it is impressive. And I didn't get the full tour. I only saw just a little bit, but enough to be almost wowed by the facility.

And it's still hard to believe how much the southeastern part of the city has grown. I used to live just a few blocks from Caprock, from 1983-85. I don't get over to that part of Amarillo as much any more, but the transformation there, particularly the subdivision near Tradewinds, is exceptional.

Maybe it's been longer than I think. After all, we're talking 25 years. But at one time, that was nothing but prairie and vacant lots. Not any more. It's a vibrant nice part of Amarillo.

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