Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weird coincidence

The 6-year-old Colorado boy, who was and then wasn't in the balloon that flew several thousand feet in the air, captured the attention of much of the nation Thursday afternoon.

But how's this for odd timing? This has occurred exactly 22 years ago when Baby Jessica captured the attention of the nation in Midland.

At 18 months, Jessica McClure fell into a well on Oct. 14, 1987. Between that day and Oct. 16, rescuers worked for 58 hours to free her from the eight-inch-wide hole. That story gained worldwide attention. It led the network nightly casts, and her rescue was covered live across the country. I remember covering a football game when it was announced she had been rescued.

That this has happened with 6-year-old Falcon Henne over essentially the same days of the year is sadly bizarre.

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