Monday, January 25, 2010

Money for Haitians

I would certainly recommend sending whatever money you can to the Red Cross for Haitian relief in the wake of Jan. 12's devastating earthquake, but maybe not the way I did it.

You can text "Haiti" to 90999 and $10 will go to the Red Cross and be billed to your cell phone. It's easy. So easy, in fact, I violated every principle I hold dear about texting and driving because I so did last week while toodling down 34th St. after lunch.

That's a first. And a last. But I was thinking, 'OK, do it now" and quit putting it off. And it was only five letters.

Perhaps you tuned in Friday night expecting to watch some regular TV programming and saw the "Hope For Haiti" two-hour event on every network channel and a handful of other channels, including Bravo, MTV, and PBS.

A reported $57 million was raised. The money does not include that from corporations or from itunes. Say what you will about some celebrities and their cause of the week, but the presence of those like George Clooney, Bruce Springsteen, Leonardo Decaprio, and Brad Pitt had to have helped.

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