Friday, February 12, 2010

Better there than here

What is it about Dallas? It's always cold and snowy down there. Isn't that what downstate folks always say about the Texas Panhandle?

Well, it's supposed to be in the mid-40s and bright sunshine today, and in the mid-50s on Saturday (OK, it's in the 30s for Sunday, but let's enjoy this for two days). Most snow except in shadows should be about gone by nightfall Saturday.

Meanwhile, the good folks in the Metroplex are enduring what we did two weeks ago, and with a lot less experience in dealing with it. It's the worst snowstorm in the area's history. A little more than 12 inches have fallen in Dallas. Just use your imagination on how bad it is to travel there in that.

Body shops are going to be raking it in over the next few weeks.

As of Thursday night, the Associated Press was reporting 41 major traffic accidents and 132 minor ones in Dallas alone. Schools, of course, are closed. They would have closed with two inches of snow, much less this much.

A total of 305 flights were canceled out of DFW Thursday and so far 400 flights have been canceled today.

The NBA All-Star game is scheduled for Cowboys Stadium with more than 90,000 expected on Sunday night. That should be interesting.

As someone noted yesterday, Al Gore sure has been keeping a low profile lately.

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