Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remember, it's for a good cause

There have been churches that have turned over their entire week's worth of offering, schools that have had fund drives, AT&T has made it easy to donate $10 with a simple text -- all of this to help with the earthquake that rocked the dirt-poor country of Haiti on Jan. 12.

But for pure creativity, you gotta give it up to a Toledo, Ohio strip club. First of all, the place is called Marilyn's on Monroe. The club is at 713 S. Monroe St. in Toledo. That alone is pretty creative. But last weekend Marilyn's had what I guess would be a fundraiser, calling it "Lap Dances for Haiti."

The event was scheduled from 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. last Saturday. The name was a little misleading since lap dances are illegal in Ohio (cough-cough). But Marilyn's on Monroe planned to donate 100% of its $10 cover charge to Haiti relief.

Following Saturday, the club donated $1,000 to a local charity, International Services of Hope, that can provide food and clothing to quake victims in Haiti.

“Just like everyone our hearts went out to all the victims in Haiti and we thought what can we do to help,” said club manager, Kenny Soprano. "I'd say it's for the people who are into this type of thing."

You kidding me? A club manager with the last name of Soprano.

I wonder if anyone wanted to claim a receipt as a tax deduction for a charitable contribution?

At any rate, $1,000 is a $1,000. So thank you to Summer, Kandy, Desiree, Chaka, Traci, Sweetness, Princess and all you hard-working girls in Toledo.

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