Monday, February 1, 2010

Spread the shove around

"Rock it!"

How many times has that been said since Thursday? And it has nothing to do with music and everything to do with getting a stuck car in the snow.

Who knows how many cars were stuck in streets in the city and Panhandle for the last five days? Hundreds to be sure. But if they were stuck in a street with traffic, they weren't stuck long.

This area has no shortage of Good Samaritans when it comes to getting a vehicle off high center or out of a mush of slick snow. I've been on the back end of the push on Saturday, and unfortuntely, in the drivers seat of one on Friday.

Here I was on Friday, thinking I might just make it through this whole quagmire without getting stuck. I would have too but on Georgia I was turning left into a store for a wife's errand (urgggghhh). The turn lane was where the snow was piled up. If I didn't have to stop, I would have plowed through. But I had to yield to northbound traffic and that was enough to get me stuck.

After a few drives and reverses, I knew I was in trouble. But within a minute, Dee Durham, president of the Lone Star Runners Club and friend Scott, showed up behind me in a truck. They left to get a shovel.

A man in the parking lot across Georgia ran across with another shovel and we began digging. Shortly after Dee and Scott returned with a second shovel and we began digging a path, another man showed from another lot.

In short order, we had two shovels, and four people pushing and I was out of there. All you can do is give everyone a thankful wave out the driver's window.

You would like to think this happens in areas wherever it snows, all of these people who come out of cars or across lots to help. And maybe it does. All I know is it happens here. It's not surprising, but it's still appreciative by all who've thrown up their hands when their vehicles just can't move.

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K.C. said...

We here in Amarillo have no choice bu to depend on good samaritans to help us through the snow. We can't depend on our city to plow the streets the way normal cities do. Only in Amarillo does the whole city come to a complete standstill over one foot of snow. Completely ridiculous.