Thursday, January 28, 2010

What do you mean closed?

Most of the chatter on the police scanner is usually routine chatter, but there was one conversation with an Amarillo College police officer that got a laugh this morning.

A man called the police department upset because he couldn't get into one of the AC buildings. The officer said there was a reason for that. The campus was closed.

The man didn't care. He had a test Thursday morning, and come snow banks or icy roads, he had to take it. The officer said, sorry, the campus was closed.

But he had to take a test. Not today you don't. There's nobody there.

The guy must have studied so hard that at no point did he turn on a television, check out or listen to the radio to know that AC was snowed in.

Hey, there's a silver lining to every whiteout. You got an extra day to study. Maybe a bunch of days if AC is closed on Friday.

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