Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brown impresses more than just judges

Amarillo's Lacey Brown had her finest performance of the "American Idol" competition Tuesday night on Fox as she attempts to remain among the top 12 female singers.

Who said? Not only the normally taciturn judges, but apparently Sixpence None the Richer singer Leigh Nash. Nash, according to Idol Chatter on the USA Today website, was impressed. She wasn't watching last week when Brown sang Nash's song, "Kiss Me," but she heard about it quickly.

"I almost immediately started getting texts from people," says the Nashville-based singer. So Nash looked up Lacey's performance of her song online.

"For the most part, I heard people saying she wasn't very good," Nash says, "but when I watched it, I thought she was adorable."

Nash liked Lacey enough that she watched an entire episode of Idol Tuesday for the first time this season. And what she saw impressed her.

"I really enjoyed it a lot, and I didn't expect to," Nash says. "It seems like this season, they've got some great artists on their hands. I'm hooked."

Nash's favorites? Didi Benami's "Rhiannon and Lacey's "The Story," which she sang Tuesday.

"Didi Benami was pretty crazy," she says. "She exuded this effortless, gorgeous what's-upness."

Nash adds that Lacey's performance of Brandi Carlile's "The Story" gave her chills.

"If she made a whole record of original songs where she relayed the kind of mood that she did, I would totally buy that record. That says a lot coming from me, becaue I still listen to Leonard Cohen and Patsy C line, but i thought she was interesting and captivating. And she really does know how to work the camera, so that was impressive."

The 14 male singers are scheduled for tonight, and then two men and two women will be eliminated on Thursday.

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