Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A snowy 2014 Super Bowl?

I'm glad NFL owners voted to give the 2014 Super Bowl to the new $1.6 billion Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey/New York. It will be the first Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in cold weather climate.

I hope it snows a foot. How great would it be, for the sake of being different, an NFL championship decided in harsh elements? Howling winds, blowing snow, numb fingers. It would go down in NFL lore, just like the 1967 Ice Bowl between the Cowboys and Packers.

I don't think the NFL was pushing that cause when the owners voted Tuesday. It was to throw a frozen bone to the Giants and Jets and their fans for funding such an expensive new stadium. And it could open the frigid door to other cold weather sites. Denver, anyone?

It would be funny to watch in the comfort of a toasty house all the corporate muckety-mucks who make up the huge percentage of fans at Super Bowls suffering in the cold while paying for the most expensive ticket in sports. And it would be mildly entertaining to watch workers get ready to put together a halftime extravaganza stage in blowing snow.

Who would be the halftime entertainment? How about -- are you ready? -- Coldplay?

For the record, the coldest Super Bowl on record was 39 degrees in 1972 in New Orleans. It's been at least 57 degrees at every Super Bowl since 1975.

The avearage temperature in suburban New York in early February is between 24 and 40 degrees with precipitation likely.

Should be interesting.

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