Thursday, May 27, 2010

Harvard is Canadian East

The stout Canadian football program -- two state champions and a state runner-up the last two years -- had a devil of a time filling out its 2010 schedule. The Wildcats were forced to get games with teams in New Mexico and Kansas.

It's easier to get their students enrolled into Harvard, it seems, than to fill out a football schedule. Consider two students, Benjamin Antillon and Kate Abraham, who have been accepted to America's pre-eminent university for the fall 2010.

Well, there's a bit more.

Heath Flowers, from the Canadian class of 2003, is going to the Harvard School of Business this fall. His wife, Sarah, though not from Canadian, is going with him. She's going to Harvard Law School.

Flowers, writes his mom Dana, lives in Cedar Park. He grew up near Canadian on a ranch. And good for Heath, but he wore boots to his interview with the Eastern elite during the application process.

Canadian should lead the world this fall in Harvard students per capita.

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