Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking for Miss April

Some people call the wind "Mariah." There were some kindergarten teachers at Coronado Elementary School, including my wife, last week calling the wind something else. And it wasn't complimentary.

They had the kindergarten classes outside on recess on a particular windy day. Wind can carry all kinds of trash to the chain link fences that border the play area. Not sure who discovered it first, either 5-year-old or teacher, but I believe it was young Johnny.

He found a torn picture from a gentlemen's magazine that has blown against the fence. Then there was another one. In a matter of mili-seconds, once the teachers were made aware, they were combing the fence for the offending matter like CSI at at a crime scene.

Time will tell if they got all the pages. There will be some explaining to do if in some little boy's take-home folder tucked inside their drawings of the letter "B" is a smiling Miss April.

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Travis Erwin said...

We all get "educated" in some fashion sooner or later.